High heels to flip flops, can cause problem, Achilles tendonitis footwear

Summer is here and the time for wearing the age old flip flops happens more than ever. These types of shoes have been worn for centuries and still happen today. 

It is worse for women who wear high heel shoes all day and then go to the flip flops. This can cause damage to the achilles tendon.  Achilles tendonitis footwear, flip flops are not the best choice and can cause a lot of discomfort.

Achilles tendonitis footwear

Image by Cín via Flickr

During the summer, feet take a beating through increased activity and extra damage from wearing shoes with no protection or support — yup, we're talking about your beloved flip-flops.

“Flip-flops make many foot problems worse,” says podiatrist Dr. Oliver Zong of Manhattan's NYC Foot Care. “They can also cause new problems like Achilles tendonitis, especially for women going from high heels to flat flip-flops. The tendon doesn't have time to adjust.”

Flip-flops don't offer protection against puncture wounds, which can cause blood poisoning and, in rare cases where they're not treated, can be fatal.

So be careful and watch what you are doing when you are wearing flip flops.

Achilles tendonitis footwear and flip flops are not the best footwear you can wear to prevent achilles tendonitis.