Running and Achilles tendonitis is a very common injury.  The reason for this is the Achilles tendon helps lift you off the ground on each stride.  What causes Achilles tendonitis in runners?

  • Overtraining
  • Ramping your training to fast
  • Running on hills
  • Running on surfaces like concrete

achilles tendonitis braceRunners need to be aware of any pain or discomfort in the Achilles tendon when their training starts to intensify.  If you notice that you are having pain in that area, you need to lower your mileage.  If you run on the injured Achilles tendon, you could make the injury worse or you could prolong your recovery time.

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First Discover How You Injured the Achilles Tendon

The first thing to do is find out why this happened.  Did you have a shift in your training that caused the Achilles tendonitis?  Was there an increase in distance or did you start to run harder?  If the answer is no, then did you start to run on hillier routes.

Learning what caused the Achilles tendonitis will help in the treatment and a way for you not to make the same mistakes in the future.

Achilles Tendonitis Treatment

What are some ways to treat Achilles tendonitis?

  • Rest/Ice therapy is effective in the treatment of Achilles tendonitis
  • Ice packs or wraps help reduce the inflammation
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs for the pain (consult doctor first)
  • Massage for Achilles tendonitis as physical therapy

How to Prevent Achilles Tendonitis

If you would like to prevent the suffering and pain associated with Achilles tendonitis, here are some ideas:

  • Build your training up slowly
  • Build your intensity up slowly
  • Run on different surfaces
  • Run on different elevation levels (hill one day, flat the next)

Allow yourself time to rest and recover from running.  This rest is just as important as the run itself.  Resting will make you stronger and a more resilient athlete.  When you are diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis, you are not happy.  But what you can do is learn from the experience.  This will prevent it from happening again.  Achilles tendonitis treatment & prevention are just some common sense steps.  They will go a long way in helping you in the future.

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