Severe Ankle Pain:

Do you suffer chronic ankle arthritis or ankle tendonitis pain with each and every step you take – literally?  Have you tried to relieve your pain with corticosteroid treatments, over-the-counter pain medications or other remedies to no avail?  If you suffer from severe and chronic arthritis or tendonitis of the ankle, you may be a candidate for this innovative ankle replacement surgery.

2012 Tib Fib Ankle Fracture 8484

Image by tedeytan via Flickr

The technique involves removing the arthritic ankle joint and replacing it with an artificial joint implant made of a metal alloy and a polyethylene spacer to mimic the function of an ankle joint….More at New ankles put patients on the front foot again – Hong Kong Standard

Ankle Replacement Surgery:

This surgery technique was developed in the United States but is not for everyone.  You should be in the normal weight range and a median age of 60.

This technique was recently performed on two men from Hong Kong with phenominal results.


Collin, 63, a ballet teacher, suffered from recurrent ankle sprains that left his left ankle deformed and painful while walking. “The surgery gave me complete mobility of the foot and enabled me to walk and hike,” he said. “Eight months after the surgery, I am getting used to it and I do appreciate my recovery progress.”

Airline manager Edmond Chang, 49, who regularly plays football, awoke one day with severe pain and stiffness in his right ankle.

He had to rely on painkillers every day before undergoing the surgery. “My problem was due to repeated ankle injuries, which resulted in my joints wearing out in the long run,” he said. “I had almost lost my ability to walk as I found it too painful.”

Thanks to the surgery, Chang said he can now walk normally. “I can even walk up and down stairs,” he said….More at New ankles put patients on the front foot again – Hong Kong Standard

Development of Ankle Surgery:

Ankle Replacement surgery was developed in the 1970's but the success rate was not what it is today.  The only other surgical option is surgery to fuse the ankle.  Ankle replacement surgery comes at a price because it is one of the most difficult procedures to perform, but is worth it if you are debilitated with the crippling pain and discomfort of ankle arthritis or tendonitis.    The best candidates for replacement surgery are for active individuals who like to perform sports such as golfing, swimming or biking.  It is not in the best interest of someone who is a runner or who puts too much stress on the ankle joint itself.