Whether you believe it or not your feet support your body.  You need to take care of them the best you can.  If you start to feel pain and/or swelling in the ankle area of the foot, you could be showing signs of ankle tendonitis and you should take care of this immediately.

We will talk about what you can do to help prevent tendonitis in ankle and some background information.

If you are performing rigorous training each day, you may show signs of tendonitis in your ankles, if you are not careful.

Tendonitis,in genera,l is the inflammation of the tendon.  This is the fibrous tissue that connects the bone to the muscle.  You can get tendonitis from the tendon being overworked or too much force on the tendon.

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Some symptoms of tendonitis are swelling, pain and the area that is swollen is tender to the touch.  It could be difficult to move the ankle without a shooting pain going from the ankle to the calf.

There is another similar tendonitis which is called Achilles tendonitis.  This is the inflammation of the Achilles tendon and this is a very common form of ankle tendonitis.  These two types of tendonitis occur in runners and people on there feet a lot.

Treatment for Ankle Tendonitis

The home remedy for tendonitis is the care.  If you are experiencing a mild case of ankle tendonitis, ice packs will work great.  Use the ice in 15 minute intervals.  If you need to be on your feet, you can wrap the ankle for support and this will prevent further injury.

A cortisone injection helps tendonitis pain and is a good remedy.  Doctors don’t like to inject cortisone in the foot area.  The ankle tendon is easy to rupture with an injection of cortisone.  You may also find relief from ankle tendonitis is by putting a cushion in the shoe.  This will help support the foot and help keep you pain free during activity.

Your feet are a vital part of your body.  You need to try and keep them from injury including ankle tendonitis or permanent injury could occur.

You need to talk to a physical therapist or an orthopedic doctor to learn how to maneuver your feet during physical activity to prevent injury.  Whenever you feel ankle tendonitis pain or swelling in your ankle, try not to over do it.  Try to get off of your feet and give them a rest.

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