Alley “Ooops”

Keith Appling, the point guard for Michigan State aggravated his knee tendonitis by twisting his knee when he attempted a dunk in the first half of Thursday's NCAA tournament game.


MSU Basketball

Image by jamesfleeting via Flickr

Appling shrugged when asked of the injury, which caused him to have a slight limp after the failed alley-oop attempt midway through the first half.

“I kinda tweaked my knee a little bit when I was going up for a lob,'' Appling said. “It's nothing major, I should be all right.''…More at Michigan State's Keith Appling aggravates tendonitis in knee in win over … –

Many feared that this his issues with knee tendonitis had been an undisclosed injury that he was plagued with in the regular season. This knee problem was only revealed after the game.  Nonetheless, MSU went on to win the game 24-4

Knee Plagued Problems?

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