High Heels Can Cause Severe Foot Problems:

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High heels may be stylish in the workplace but they can cause more damage than you might imagine.  The stileto type heels are so high, that it puts a downward angle on the foot causing extreme pressure on the forefoot and cause the foot to even change shape.  Women are most prone to plantar fascitis and achilles tendonitis than men for obvious reasons.

Foot Solutions has a technology that can scan the customer's foot to and determine what type of arch supports or footwear is best for that individual.  

The company works with clients who have plantar fasciitis, which causes pain due to inflamed tissue. It’s most often caused by progressive flattening of the arches over time.

Others come in for help with tendonitis, arch problems, back pain and complications from ailments ranging from arthritis to diabetes….More at Company uses technology to treat feet – The News-Press