Tendonitis in Athletes

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Image by Shakeskc via Flickr

More and more athletes these days are suffering painful and chronic injuries from tendonitis and other sports-related issues.  From ankle and wrist tendonitis to knee and shoulder tendonitis.  Baseball, basketball, football, soccer, etc – the commonality of sports is the injuiries they promote.


John Mayhew says athletes suffer long-term effects.

“It’s very likely they'll have problems later in life with their knees, hips and shoulders,” says Mayhew. “Certainly now the surgeries are getting better and better and we're managing injuries better and better to make that likelihood reduced….More at Injuries, rehab part of life for Kiwi athletes – 3News NZ

Treatments for Tendonitis

All too often, athletes will over do it or play just a bit to aggressively.  These can be contributory factors in developing tendonitis.  There are treatments available to help overcome the chronic pain experienced with most tendonitis symptoms:  icing the injury, wearing a brace or splint to mention just a couple.  NSAIDs such as ibupropen may help to reduce the painful symptoms but are not a cure.  If your tendonitis is so bad, you could have surgery to alleviate your problem.  Whatever you decide, make sure you weigh all the options, benefits and risks before deciding on which treatment is best for you.