Austin Sprains an Ankle

Three times a Charm?  Not so for Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys.  Well, it's a good thing it was just a sprained ankle and not ankle tendonitis as so many people suffer with.

Miles Austin & Dez Bryant | Dallas Cowboys

Image by Football Schedule via Flickr

The start of the night was tough for Austin. On the first pass play of the game, Austin slipped coming out of his break leading to an incompletion.

Later in the first quarter, Tony Romo threw his second pick of the game on an underthrown deep pass to Austin down the Redskins sidelines.

But what messed up Austin night was he got rolled up during a Felix Jones run in the second quarter. Austin fell down as he tried to reach the sidelines and was in obvious pain….More at A long night for Miles Austin – ESPN (blog)

Ankle Sprain Treatment

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