Our arms are used for everything.  From writing to eating, to weight lifting, arms are essential and powerful tools on our body.  This is why we need to take care of our arms while they are still working.   If you are experiencing biceps tendonitis, you need to get it treated immediately to prevent long-term damage.

Here are some facts on bicep and tricep tendonitis and the treatment that you can perform.

Biceps Tendonitis

Body Solid Bicep Bomber
Body Solid Bicep BomberWhat you have is a fibrous tissue that connects the bone to the muscle.  This is the part that transmits the force brought on by the muscle to the bone.  When you have biceps tendonitis or tricep tendonitis, the tendons have become irritated and inflamed.  This happens when you overwork these parts of the body.   Maybe you have had a strain that has been building over time or you just injured the tendons by lifting something heavy.  Biceps and tricep tendonitis can occur.

As we age our tendons become less elastic and thus we are more prone to injuring these body parts.  Some symptoms of biceps tendonitis and tricep tendonitis are:

Sensitive to the touch

You may have a hard time moving your arm if you have biceps tendonitis.  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you need to visit the doctor immediately to determine the severity of the injury and how to treat it.

How to Treat Bicep / Tricep Tendonitis

The first thing that you should do if you have bicep tendonitis or tricep tendonitis is to rest the arm or arms.  This rest is going to help prevent further injury and shorten the healing time.

If this treatment is done and you apply some ice to the bicep and tricep, in just a few weeks you biceps tendonitis and tricep tendonitis can be completely healed.  If this does not work, you may need a cortisone injection.  This is a powerful anti-inflammatory medicine that is injected directly into the bicep and tricep to help the pain and healing of the tendonitis.

If you have severe biceps tendonitis or tricep tendonitis the doctor may recommend surgery to realign the tendon in the arm.  Whatever the treatment, it is important to not neglect your biceps tendonitis.

You need your arms for your daily living.  It is important to take car of any problems that you may have.

Relieves joint pain due to arthritis and tendonitis