Plantar Fascitis Pain Treatment

Botox is not just being used for cosmetic reasons alone.  A recent experiment was performed on patients suffering from a type of tendonitis known as plantar fascitis.  A group of 19 people were given botox to relieve their chronic pain symptoms.  Although the baseline was about the same as compared to those individuals using a steroidal injection, the pain was significantly reduced/improved in those given the botox injection.

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Image by USP Hospitales via Flickr

It is important to note that patients must perform plantar fascia stretching exercises to obtain a rapid and sustained improvement of plantar fasciitis,” say Carlos Acosta-Olivo (Hospital Universitario “Dr Jose E Gonzalez,” Universidad Autonomade Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico) and co-workers….More at Botox relieves plantar fasciitis pain –

If you or someone you know is trying to deal with a chronic and painful condition like plantar fascitis or some other injury, perhaps they should delve into the benefits of botox injections as an alternative pain reliever.