Will Achilles Tendonitis Clip Billups from the Clippers

How long will it be before Billups is up and ready to play for the Clippers.  Has his achilles surgery been a success?
Is Chauncey coming back from his peroneal tendonitis?

Chauncey Billups achilles tendonitis

Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

Chauncey Billups missed Tuesday’s game because of peroneal tendonitis in his left foot. Billups hasn’t played in the last week since returning for three games from Achilles’ surgery. ……More at Even on an off night, red-hot Clippers find a way to win – OCRegister








Symptoms of Achilles tendonitis may include:

  • Mild or severe pain in the back of the heal. ¬†Swelling may be present.
  • A decrease in strength and movement–sluggishnes in the leg.
  • Tenderness in the Achilles tendon area which may be more noticeable in the morning.
  • As the tendon warms up with use, stiffness will be less noticeable.