Bursitis Tendonitis

First things first.  What exactly are tendons?  Tendons are the elastic ligaments that connect the muscle to the bone.  If something happens with the tendons (such as a breakdown), tendonitis can and most probably will  occur.

If tendonitis occurs, the person will experience inflammation and pain and you can possibly have a limited movement of the joint.

Within the body there are sacs of fluid that will provide cushioning to the joints.  These sacs are called bursae.  When the fluid in the sacs becomes inflamed this is what is called bursitis.  If you have inflammation of the bursae and inflammation of the tendons you now have what is called bursitis tendonitis.

Sometimes the pain that you have with bursitis tendonitis can become intense and quite severe.

What Causes Bursitis Tendonitis

Here are the factors that can cause bursitis tendonitis

Aging: as everyone gets older, the tendons will become less elastic and, with continued use, can rupture and tear the tendons.

Repetitive Movement: RSI or repetitive stress injury can occur due to painting, typing, jogging and many more repetitive movements.

Trauma: this can happen in an athletic environment such as overuse and trauma.

Bursitis tendonitis can be sometimes mistaken for arthritis.  This can become an very early warning sign.  The shoulder is a common place for bursitis tendonitis.  You have to figure out what is causing the inflammation and the pain.  Sometimes infection can set in and it may become necessary to extract fluid from the infected area.

Bursitis Tendonitis: Treatment and Remedies

One of the most important things that you can do is to discuss this with your physician.  Your doctor is going to have to figure out what is causing the inflammation and pain.  One thing to remember is, if you can catch the bursitis tendonitis early enough, you will have a better chance of success.

If your bursitis tendonitis has occurred from an injury or trauma, you can treat this easily by immobilizing the effected area using a splint or brace.  You can then start to take some anti-inflammatory drugs also that can reduce the inflammation and the pain when the swelling starts to go down.

Now if this condition is caused by RSI or repetitive movement, then your doctor is going to have to figure out a way to reduce the stress to the effected area.

RSI can be corrected sometimes quite easily.  Just the way that you sit in your workplace can have a dramatic effect on the stress in you neck, shoulders, back and even your wrist.  You must take frequent break to help reduce the chance of bursitis tendonitis.

If you end up with bursitis shoulder tendonitis and if it becomes severe, your physician may want you to see a physical therapist.  They will show you the correct way to stretch and can even show you some exercises to help you prevent the problem in the future.

How to Prevent Bursitis Tendonitis

You must always stretch before starting any exercise.  If you are overweight, this can add a tremendous amount of stress to the knees, so it would be good to get the weight to a normal level.  You also want to make sure that you use good posture when sitting and standing.

If you work at a desk and you do a lot of typing there are a couple of things that you can do to help this.  You want to make sure that you sit at the proper height, you are in a comfortable position.  This will allow you to relieve the stress off of the wrist joints and can thus prevent carpal tunnel.

In conclusion, by taking some precautions can help you prevent the joint stress and can help with the bursitis tendonitis.  If you do the things mentioned above this will help you have a healthy and pain free lifestyle, which is what all of us want.

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