Severe Ankle Pain:

Do you suffer chronic ankle arthritis or ankle tendonitis pain with each and every step you take – literally?  Have you tried to relieve your pain with corticosteroid treatments, over-the-counter pain medications or other remedies to no avail?  If you suffer from severe and chronic arthritis or tendonitis of the ankle, you may be a candidate for this innovative ankle replacement surgery.

2012 Tib Fib Ankle Fracture 8484

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The technique involves removing the arthritic ankle joint and replacing it with an artificial joint implant made of a metal alloy and a polyethylene spacer to mimic the function of an ankle joint….More at New ankles put patients on the front foot again – Hong Kong Standard

Ankle Replacement Surgery:

This surgery technique was developed in the United States but is not for everyone.  You should be in the normal weight range and a median age of 60.

This technique was recently performed on two men from Hong Kong with phenominal results.


Collin, 63, a ballet teacher, suffered from recurrent ankle sprains that left his left ankle deformed and painful while walking. “The surgery gave me complete mobility of the foot and enabled me to walk and hike,” he said. “Eight months after the surgery, I am getting used to it and I do appreciate my recovery progress.”

Airline manager Edmond Chang, 49, who regularly plays football, awoke one day with severe pain and stiffness in his right ankle.

He had to rely on painkillers every day before undergoing the surgery. “My problem was due to repeated ankle injuries, which resulted in my joints wearing out in the long run,” he said. “I had almost lost my ability to walk as I found it too painful.”

Thanks to the surgery, Chang said he can now walk normally. “I can even walk up and down stairs,” he said….More at New ankles put patients on the front foot again – Hong Kong Standard

Development of Ankle Surgery:

Ankle Replacement surgery was developed in the 1970's but the success rate was not what it is today.  The only other surgical option is surgery to fuse the ankle.  Ankle replacement surgery comes at a price because it is one of the most difficult procedures to perform, but is worth it if you are debilitated with the crippling pain and discomfort of ankle arthritis or tendonitis.    The best candidates for replacement surgery are for active individuals who like to perform sports such as golfing, swimming or biking.  It is not in the best interest of someone who is a runner or who puts too much stress on the ankle joint itself.


Synovitis is a chronic and painful arthritic condition as Williams can probably attest.  It is an inflammation of the lining of the joints or synovia.

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Deron Williams out of next couple of games for the Nets.  He received platelet-rich plasma treatments which will require time off to heal properly.

Deron Williams will miss the Brooklyn Nets' next two games after receiving treatment for synovitis on both of his ankles, the team announced via Twitter on Monday. He received platelet-rich plasma treatments on the ankles, and as a result will miss a game against the Indiana Pacers on Monday and a Wednesday home game against the Denver Nuggets leading into the All-Star break….More at Deron Williams injury: Nets guard to miss two games after ankle treatment – SB Nation

He hasn't been playing up to par and has stated that rest has not really helped the injury.

Avoiding Fractures and Ankle Tendonitis

One of the chief complaints among the podiatric arena is ankle injuries; whether it be ankle tendonitis or from a sports-related injury.


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Ankle Tendonitis/Fracture Prevention

There are some very basic precautions you can take to avoid the chronic and painful symptoms associated with an ankle fracture:

  1. Wear the proper type of footwear for the occasion
  2. Be aware of the environemnt – ice and snow can play havoc on the body, causing slips and falls which, in turn, will usually lead to an ankle fracture or worse
  3. Maintain a proper weight – obesity puts entirely too much stress on key joints which can result in significant fractures

Prevention of these potentially devastating injuries is a primary goal of orthopaedic surgeons, with special attention focused on weight management and smoking cessation. An ankle injury may be the result of too much stress or weight being put on the joint. Research has also shown that smokers (versus nonsmokers) have slower bone cell production, faster bone loss, longer healing time after a fracture or surgical incision and less successful ligament and joint surgery….More at Learn how to lower chances for an ankle fracture – Lexington Herald Leader

Contributing Factors for Ankle Injuries

  1. Smoking
  2. Obesity

These two things are among the top contributors that could lead to an ankle fracture, ankle tendonitis, or something worse.

Remember, the less stress on your joints will significantly reduce your chances of injury to your ankle or any other part of your body which could result in immobility, pain, or at an extreme, even surgery


Here's a great video that can help you be on your way to living a fracture-free life.  Enjpy.



Austin Sprains an Ankle

Three times a Charm?  Not so for Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys.  Well, it's a good thing it was just a sprained ankle and not ankle tendonitis as so many people suffer with.

Miles Austin & Dez Bryant | Dallas Cowboys

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The start of the night was tough for Austin. On the first pass play of the game, Austin slipped coming out of his break leading to an incompletion.

Later in the first quarter, Tony Romo threw his second pick of the game on an underthrown deep pass to Austin down the Redskins sidelines.

But what messed up Austin night was he got rolled up during a Felix Jones run in the second quarter. Austin fell down as he tried to reach the sidelines and was in obvious pain….More at A long night for Miles Austin – ESPN (blog)

Ankle Sprain Treatment

While a sprain to any body part can be painful, an ankle is more susceptible to a strain because of the weight that is constantly exerted at that joint.  If you suffer from any type of chronic pain due to symptoms of strain, sprain or tendonitis, try an an all-natural herbal pain relief treatment that can really help.  Visit for more information.

RISE to an Ankle Sprain

Have you recently suffered from an ankle sprain or is it something more severe like ankle tendonitis?  An ankle, knee or any other type of sprain means that there is a tearing of the ligaments from the bone that connects them at a neighboring joint.  This sounds, and can be, quite painful.  Just remember to “RISE” if you get a sprain:

  • Rest the joint
  • Ice the affected area
  • Splint or brace the injury
  • Elevate the ankle

These simple steps will help to alleviate the chronic pain you may feel if you sprain an ankle, knee, wrist or any other part of your body.

Ankle Treatment

Left Ankle

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Treatment for a severe sprain depends on which ligament has been torn. Some torn ligaments can be repaired surgically with stitches; others must be replaced surgically. Still others are treated with rehabilitation and a temporary cast or brace….More at Treatment of sprained ankle depends on severity – Burlington Times News

Achilles Tendonitis Symptoms

Improper shoes on the basketball court can cause tendonitis.  Many of the shoes today are softer and lighter which allows the player to run and jump higher, but it does not provide the proper support from ankle and other injuries.

Symptoms of Achilles Tendonitis

A common injury today on the basketball court is due to an ankle sprain or tendonitis.  What is worse is if someone lands on the ankle and the player's foot rolls out too far.  This will cause the ligaments or tendons to be stretched or torn which can cause ankle or achilles tendonitis. as well as the chronic pain associated with such an injury..

One of the biggest problems is that players will try to work through the pain after an ankle injury.  This can cause serious damage and worsen the condition.  It is best to seek treatment immediately after an ankle or achilles injury.

swollen foot - outside

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Achilles tendonitis is another common overuse injury in the game. This is the tendon that connects the calf muscle to the heel bone. The Achilles tendon can be inflamed as in tendonitis of the tendon, or if one pushes too hard to continue to play, it can become a partial, or a complete rupture. In a partial tear, immobilization may be helpful. But in a complete rupture, surgery is needed….More at The Running Doctor/Finding the right basketball sneaker – Westport-News

Ankle Tendonitis Treatment

If you suffer from chronic pain from ankle or achilles tendonitis, or any injury for that matter, go to for an alternative pain relief treatment.