Alley “Ooops”

Keith Appling, the point guard for Michigan State aggravated his knee tendonitis by twisting his knee when he attempted a dunk in the first half of Thursday's NCAA tournament game.


MSU Basketball

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Appling shrugged when asked of the injury, which caused him to have a slight limp after the failed alley-oop attempt midway through the first half.

“I kinda tweaked my knee a little bit when I was going up for a lob,'' Appling said. “It's nothing major, I should be all right.''…More at Michigan State's Keith Appling aggravates tendonitis in knee in win over … –

Many feared that this his issues with knee tendonitis had been an undisclosed injury that he was plagued with in the regular season. This knee problem was only revealed after the game.  Nonetheless, MSU went on to win the game 24-4

Knee Plagued Problems?

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Cause of Knee Tendonitis:

Dancing may be a good from of exercise to keep your body and mind in shape, but if done at high impact or for too long devistating damage may occur to your body.  Just ask Kimberl Wyatt.  After several years of dancing and doing her famous leg kick.  

TodaysArt 2005 - Nederlands Dans Theater

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“I have tendonitis in my knees and ankles. I have a broken toe. I have erosions in my hips….More at Kimberly Wyatt – Daily Star

Unfortunately, tendonitis will take a toll on all of us if we overuse or overabuse or bodies.  If you suffer from chronic and painful symptoms of tendonitis, there are a number of stretches and exercises you can perform to improve the quality of life and manage the pain. 

Knee Problems – a Career-ender for Many:


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So young and so full of promise.  What a hand we are dealt in life.  Scott Martin will probably never play again due to a third knee surgery.  They say three is a charm but highly doubtful in this case.


Notre Dame senior captain Scott Martin has seen his last game with the Irish, opting to undergo season- and career-ending knee surgery after a lengthy absence from the court….More at Scott Martin injury: Notre Dame senior faces career-ending knee surgery – SB Nation

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What's in Store for Gasol:


Pau Gasol

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Not the best year for this NBA player.  His problems with knee tendonitis has caused concern for the Lakers.  Do they really need Gasol?  Yes, he is a great player, but Gasol sat out 8 games due to tendonitis in his knee and another 5 due to a concussion.  

“It seems they don't want him, but actually they need him,” Rubio said. “Because he is a great player. He can do a lot of things. He's had issues with his knees, and it's been a lot of years without resting for him. But he's a veteran. He knows how to play. He's a great player.”…More at Rubio on Gasol: If Lakers don't want him… – Minneapolis Star Tribune

What's Next for Gasol:

Is the 32-year old veteran going to the Wolves?  At this stage and age in his career, will he be able to play to the calibre he is used to?  Time will surely tell.  Until then, it is anyone's guess.  If only we had a crystal ball.


RG3 Knee Injury

Hearts stopped as RG3 seemed to go down in excruciating pain after a bad snap.  RG3s previous knee injury obviously took another hit for the team.  Did RG3 really “kneed” to stay in the game with such obvious repurcussions if his knee was damaged further?  Hindsight is crystal clear but what will the future hold for RG3s knee?  Is he down and out for good? Is it just a severe and chronic knee injury that will heal or is it an ACL injury that will require knee surgey?

RG3 Injury

Kirk Cousins


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In the fourth quarter against Seattle, Griffin reached down to get a bad snap, and his knee buckled without any contact. He went down on the ground and stayed there for a while. The television replay showed his knee twisting in a gruesome way.

If Griffin's knee injury is bad – he was still on the sideline after Kirk Cousins belatedly replaced him, so hopefully the brace saved his ACL – that's a much worse outcome for the Redskins than losing a playoff game. Griffin has given Washington's franchise more hope than it has had in more than a decade….More at Mike Shanahan has a lot of explaining to do after RG3′s ugly knee injury (VIDEO) – Yahoo! Sports (blog)

“What If?…”  this will be the million dollar question for a long time to come.  



  Knee Injury for RG3

RG3 will see if the old adage is true in that “time heals all wounds”.  He will have plenty of time for that since the latest Redskin's loss to the Seahawks.  Did RG3 reinjure the knee or is it a new and severely worse injury of the knee?  Will it require surgery?  Will RG3 ever be the same?  Will RG3 ever play to the same calibre next season, if at all?  There will be plenty of time to contemplate these questions and more over the course of the next year.  Who, what, when, where, why and how will be the start of every question when it comes to RG3 and “the game”

Going, going, gone?



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It isn't like no one saw this coming. Dr. James Andrews, who has been watching Griffin from the Redskins sideline this season, has been a “nervous wreck” watching the rookie play at times while coming off an injury. Andrews denied a report that he cleared Griffin to play during a Dec. 9 game when the quarterback initially suffered a knee injury….More at RG3 out for Washington Redskins after suffering knee injury – NFL News

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