IPF Pain Relief Lotion

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Products Plus International, based out of North Carolina has shipped their IPF pain relief lotion to China to test in the world's largest market.  Many of the baby boomers in China have now arrived to their “Golden Years” and with it comes the onset of pain.  From shoulder and neck pain due to types of tendonitis to various forms of arthritis.

It may seem strange that China would be in need of pain relief with the medical tradion of acupuncture, but they do.

“We feel that IPF-Pain Relief Lotion will have two distinct advantages in China, the first being its speed of effectiveness over muscle pain such as shoulder pain and back pain, as well as arthritis pain such as painful hands and joints so typical in an aging population….More at China Receives First Shipment of IPF-Pain Relief Lotion – PRWeb – PR Web (press release)


Pot in a Pill?

Marijuana in an encapsulated form may provide help for pain relief for individuals with all types of medical problems, including tendonitis.  Whether it be shoulder or ankle tendonitis, dronabinol can prove to help relieve painful and chronic symptoms of tendonitis and other medical conditions.  

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Dronabinol – Miracle Worker?

Let me introduce you to dronabinol. It turns out that the miracle that is modern psychopharmacology has now shown it IS possible to render pot's analgesic effects into capsule form. And according to a new study, it works just as well as smoked marijuana at tamping down pain. But the capsule's effects last longer, and they come with fewer of the “abuse-related subjected effects” (i.e., feeling high) than does smoked marijuana….More at Pot in a pill: All the pain relief without the smoke – Los Angeles Times

A study was conducted where thirty regular marijuana users submerged their hand in a vat of 39 degree water and held it there for as long as they could (up to two minutes).  After which, they would describe the type of pain they experienced due to the frigid water.  The subjects were then given one of three things:  1. up to 7 puffs of a marijuana cigarette in one of two strengths, (provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse) or 2. a placebo or 3. dronabinol in capsule form.

Conclusions: marijuana in a capsule seems to fight pain, at least in a population of people who already use marijuana regularly and don't have chronic or neuropathic pain. Its effects on populations of patients who don't usually smoke pot, and whose pain comes from disease states such as cancer or neuropathy, still needs to be tested….More at Pot in a pill: All the pain relief without the smoke – Los Angeles Times

Nerve Stimulating Devices:

Countless individuals suffer from chronic nerve pain on a daily basis as a result of a physical injury with no relief in sight.  Many have undergone the typical treatments like pain mediciations, physical therapy and even surgery with little to no improvement.

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The pain you're describing is called radiculopathy, and it is a type of nerve pain. There are several devices for pain relief from varied types of chronic nerve pain. Some rely on stimulating nerves with a mild electrical current. Other implanted devices deliver pain-relieving medication directly into the spinal canal. These devices are typically implanted by physicians specializing in pain management. Both types are usually considered only after more conservative options have failed, and they seldom provide complete pain relief. However, when they are effective, they can change debilitating pain into tolerable, manageable pain that allows you to function and regain your life…More at Devices for relief from chronic nerve pain may be considered if conservative … – Chicago Tribune

Surgical Implants:

There are two main pain relieving devices that can be surgically implanted under the skin that block the nerve receptors that cause the painful sensations you may experience due to nerve impairment.  The first is a spinal cord stimulator and the other is a peripheral nerve stimulator.  Here is more information about each device.

Spinal Cord Stimulators:

1. Spinal cord stimulators. With these, a wire electrode is implanted in the epidural space within the spinal canal. It provides electrical stimulation on an area of the spinal column called the dorsal columns, which is where sensory nerves from the spinal cord are located….More at Devices for relief from chronic nerve pain may be considered if conservative … – Chicago Tribune

Peripheral Nerve Stimulators:

2. Peripheral nerve stimulators. Placed along nerves that branch off from the spinal cord, these may be used for pain arising from numerous peripheral nerve problems, including remaining leg pain after back surgery, post-herpetic neuralgia and some types of headaches….More at Devices for relief from chronic nerve pain may be considered if conservative … – Chicago Tribune

While these procedures can be quite beneficial for chronic pain sufferers, they may not be 100% efffective in eliminating all your pain, but they can reduce it by 50% or greater so that you can tolerate the pain and live a more manageable lifestyle.

Tendonitis and Arthritis Treatment

Are you one of over 300,000 individuals that suffer from chronic pain due to an arthritic or tendonitis condition.  Have you tried all sorts of medications and pain relievers to find no relief?  Gensco Laboratories has developed a new product that may be the answer to your symptoms of tendonitis or arthritis.

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Treatment Option for Tendonitis and Arthritis

Gensco Laboratories has released a product that goes beyond the normal treatment options for tendonitis, and especially arthritis. SpeedGel Rx is a homeopathic prescription medication that is applied topically. Unlike other topical pain relief treatments, SpeedGel Rx does not release any odor, and does not create a heating or cooling sensation to simply mask the feeling of pain….More at Isopeutic Technology Gives Hope to Arthritis and Tendonitis Sufferers – PR Leap (press release)


Exercise Therapy for Arthritis

Whether you have rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, exercise therapy can ease the chronic pain you may be experiencing.  Exercise has clear benefits when it comes to reducing and eliminating chronic pain due to muscle and bone conditions or the various types of tendonitis.

Arthritis Pain

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Writing in the journal BMC Medicine, they said exercise could decrease pain and improve physical functioning. The Norwegian researchers looked at scientific reviews across 224 trials and 24,059 patients. They found the effects of regular exercise were most important for knee osteoarthritis, lower back and shoulder pain by increasing bone mass density….More at Exercise and early treatment can help ease pain of arthritis – PakTribune.com

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Exercises for Arthritis

Chronic Pain Study

A “joint”? study among several researchers was conducted and found that blood pressure medicine may eventually be used to treat individuals who suffer from chronic pain.  One out of five individuals will or have suffered from some sort of chronic pain in the course of their lives.

Chronic Pain Treatment

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The research was conducted in an effort to gain insight into possible treatments for chronic pain, classified as “discomfort or agony” that is present in the sufferer for a minimum period of six months. A statement by researchers says:…More at Chronic Pain May Be Helped By Blood Pressure Drugs [Study] – The Inquisitr

If you suffer from chronic pain, remember, you are not alone.  Thousands of others are afflicted with chronic pain in their daily lives.  Don't despair, pain relief IS available at http://www.tendonitistypes.com/realheal