Corticosteroid Therapy for Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

Italian researchers recently performed a study among geriatric patients using intramuscular corticosteroid injections to relieve pain associated with rotator cuff tears and tendonitis.  This information will be useful to doctors in determining whether their patients may be benefited from the use of an intramuscular corticosteroid injection or not.

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They studied 60 patients with rotator cuff tears and divided them into three groups of 20 patients each. One group received a single 40 mg triamcinolone acetonide intraarticular injection. Another group repeat 40 mg triamcinolone acetonide intraarticular injections 21 days apart and the third group served as the controls and had no injections….More at Corticosteroids relieved rotator cuff tear pain in geriatric patients – Healio

After three and six months there was a noticeable improvement of decreased pain at night and during activities.  The size of the tear and the age of the patients was also a predictor in this study.


If you would like more information on this study, please see Corticosteroids relieved rotator cuff tear pain in geriatric patients – Healio

Tips to Avoid Achilles Tendonitis Pain:

Here are some important tips from the experts at St. Francis Sports Medicine to avoid achilles tendonitis pain:


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1. Rest/Cross-train: Take it easy and let the Achilles rest. This is an overuse injury and trying to push through the pain will only drag it on.
a. Cross-training will keep up your aerobic fitness without placing the same stress on your Achilles

2. Warm up: One of the main causes of tendonitis happens from abrupt movements that cause micro-tears in the tendon. These small tears are the result of sudden movements when the muscle is not warmed up.

3. Over-pronation: Proper technique can prevent increased stress on your muscles. Excessive over-pronation is one of the leading causes of Achilles tendonitis.
a.  Ask your doctor or physical therapist if orthotics or inserts would help.
b. A new type of running shoe may help.

…More at Easing Achilles Tendonitis – WISH

Remember, using a muscle prior to warming it up is the number one reason ruptures and tears occur to the various tendons in the body.  If you do suffer from tendonitis and joint, visit for an all-natural pain reliever.


Single or Double Row Surgery:

Rotator Cuff in Repair

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When it comes to a rotator cuff tear, which is better?  Single or double row repair.  A study was conducted with 20 individuals receiving a single row repair and another 20 individuals receiving the double row reapir for their rotator cuff injury.  There was not a drastic difference between the recovery rate of the two surgeries.  Other than the increased cost ofr the DR repair, the re-tear rate for the single row was about 60% as opposed to the double row surgery which was 25% 


DR repair resulted in a statistically significant lower re-tear rate, with longer surgical time and higher implant expense, despite no difference in clinical outcomes. We think that leakage of the contrast medium is due to an incomplete tendon-to-bone sealing, which is not a re-tear.

This phenomenon could have important medicolegal implications.Level of evidence III. Treatment study: Case–control study…More at Single-row vs. double-row arthroscopic rotator cuff repair: clinical and 3 … – 7thSpace Interactive (press release)

If you experience rotator cuff symptoms or pain, you might want to explore other options, prior to undergoing expensive rotator cuff surgery.  Here is a video that may help answer some of the questions you might be having.


PAIN Relief for Rotator Cuff 

Do you have chronic shoulder pain due to a rotator cuff tear or other injury; perhaps you suffer from a more chronic condition such as rotator cuff tendonitis?  Do you lay awake at nights due to the constant shoulder pain and it seems like there is absolutely no relief anywhere?  Have you even contemplated the extreme such as surgery to repair your injury?  Well, wait.  Don't succumb just yet. Don't lose another sleepless night because relief is now available and you can perform the treatment in the comfort of your own home.

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What You Need To Heal a Rotator Cuff Injury:

  • A Professional Cold Compression Shoulder Freezie Wrap® to reduce inflammation (as soon as possible).
  • A Deep Tissue Therapeutic Inferno Wrap® to increase Bloodflow to the injured area (BFST® Therapy).
  • High Quality Therapeutic Ultrasound to increase the rate of recovery (decreases inflammation and flushes toxins from inflamed tissue) and to break down scar tissue later on.

These three tools are what you need for rapid healing. These are the tools that top professional athletes use to heal their injuries every single day. And just like the professional athletes, you can treat yourself at home. In fact, if you want to heal properly you have to treat yourself because you need to treat your injury every single day.

The above excerpt was taken from if you would like to read more information.

Rotator Cuff Exercises

In home therapy for the treatment of a rotator cuff tear or injury is key, but here are some helpful exercises to improve mobility and regain strength in the shoulder muscles which will help alleviate future pain or injury.


Rotator Cuff Injury

The FDA has receently approved the use of STR GRAFT – Soft tissue patches can be used to repair torn rotator cuff injuries. Rotator cuff surgery is usually necessary to repair the tendons and improve shoulder strength.  This type of arthroscopic surgery is minimally invasive, which reduces scarring and the accompanying pain thus allowing for a quicker recovery time. 

Infraspinatus - Muscles of the Upper Extremity Visual Atlas, page 43

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Late last week, the FDA approved clinical use of the STR GRAFT, a biodegradable scaffold to promote soft tissue regeneration during rotator cuff repair. The graft is thinner and stronger than other soft tissue augmentation devices on the market, suggesting that patients receiving the STR GRAFT during rotator cuff repair will experience less pain in the joint and achieve faster recovery times….More at La Peer Health Systems Surgeon Discusses Challenges of Soft Tissue … – (press release)

Surgery for Rotator Cuff Repair

Surgical repair of rotator cuff injuries is often needed to regain shoulder strength. Irritated tissue and loose fragments of tendon must be removed from the space in the shoulder to promote healing of the damaged rotator cuff…More at La Peer Health Systems Surgeon Discusses Challenges of Soft Tissue … – (press release)

Tendonitis can happen in just about any joint of the body.  But most of the time it is found in areas, that the body uses for most activities.

These happen to be the knees, wrist and shoulder.  What happens with these body parts is they tend to be overworked and overused and this causes the joints to become inflamed and then swelling and pain begins.  With time, they become worse and eventually gets so bad that they can’t be used for the easiest task without extreme pain.  Cuff rotator tendonitis is a place that tendonitis occurs frequently.

This area becomes very painful and when inflamed can cause debilitating conditions in one’s life.  But there are options out there in order to eliminate this pain.

Cuff Rotator Tendonitis:  What Is It And What Happens When It Occurs?

Cuff rotator tendonitis can be extremely painful, as the nerve endings generally cause the pain to radiate down one’s arms, back, shoulders and neck.  The cuff rotator is located at the top of the arm where the shoulder and arm connect.  This rotator gives the arm its ability to swing itself around in a circle in order to do specific tasks.

Tennis players are often plagued with cuff rotator tendonitis from years of swinging the racket.  Over time, the joint is rubbed raw and inflammation begins to occur with swelling, redness and pain.

It is important to give the arm adequate rest and massaging in between practices or games to help prevent this from happening.  Placing a cold pack on the shoulder at the first signs of pain also help this condition greatly.

Reduce shoulder pain

There are many ways to reduce the shoulder pain using a home remedy as alternative medicine.  This is if the person chooses natural healing.  A lot of people don’t believe that home remedies work.  A lot of these remedies have stood the test of time and have worked before modern medicine was even thought of.

Sometimes just applying a poultice of anti inflammatory herbs can sometimes help, cuff rotator tendonitis.  Some of the herbs that have been used are ginger and Cayenne.  Sometimes different teas can be very soothing.  There are some supplements such as magnesium and calcium that help take the pain away from tendonitis.

Also if you change your diet sometimes that can completely eliminate the problem.  Cuff rotator tendonitis almost no longer exists because of proper care and treatment.

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