Golfers Predisposed to Tendonitis Issues

If you are a golfer, you know the physical movements involved during a round of golf can take its toll on the body.  

Golf Green Island

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The most common overuse injury we see is “golfer’s elbow.” Unlike tennis elbow, which is pain on the outside part of the elbow, golfer’s elbow is a painful condition on the inside, known as “medial epicondyle.” The muscles that allow you to rotate your hand downwards and flex your wrists and fingers all start as a tendon that originates on the inside part of the elbow. Overuse can result in a painful “tendonitis” that is often associated with a change in golf clubs, technique or increased play.  

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Another common injury among golfers is knee tendonitis due to the amount of kneeling, as well as the twisting motion endured during a swing movement.

Preventative Medicine:

Some preventitive measures you can take to lessen your chances of injury and types of tendonitis problems are:

  • ensure a proper warm up is completed prior to playing a round of golf
  • make sure you have the proper golf technique
  • perform abdominal core strengthening exercises

Core Strengthening Exercises:

Here is a worthwhile video that will help you strengthen your core muscles and provide you with a much more enjoyable game of golf.


About Sanuwave


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SANUWAVE Health, Inc. ( is a shock wave technology company initially focused on the development and commercialization of noninvasive, biological response activating devices for the repair and regeneration of tissue, musculoskeletal and vascular structures. SANUWAVE's portfolio of regenerative medicine products and product candidates activate biologic signaling and angiogenic responses, including new vascularization and microcirculatory improvement, helping to restore the body's normal healing processes and regeneration…More at SANUWAVE Health to Hold 2012 Financial Results and Business Update … – GlobeNewswire (press release)

Sanuwave's DemaPACE product is currently under pre-market approval by the FDA.  This device sill be used tgo heal and treat chronic conditions such as plantar fascitis, the elbow and other forms of tendonitis.

Aiken is not all thumbs:

It was a great round even though Aiken suffers boughts of tendonitis in his thumb.  He did not let it get in the way of his latest golf challenge at the Indian Express.  


Golf Green Island

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“My approach shots were good and then I converted everything. The little stick behaved today for a change,” Aiken said of his putter after his tournament total of 18-under 198. Though his fancy blue-black wrist tape irked him a bit while using the putter, Aiken doesn't mind the tendonitis in his thumb because it means a daily massage and strapping by his physio wife Kate, who is accompanying him here this week….More at Aiken in lead after round of 10-under – Indian Express

Don't let tendonitis of any type keep you from doing the activities you love to do.  There are many fatastic products out there to help relieve your painful and chronic symptoms of tendonitis.  Realheal is just one of those products.  Visit for information on how you can order this amazing product to relieve all your painful feelings.

Avoid Tendonitis:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – ever heard this before?  Well, it is true. It applies to the body as well.  Do you know the simple way to avoid injury to your tendons and joints?  It is so common that most people don't even consider it! 

Time to stretch and get ready for a day of MAGiS preparations

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In order to avoid tendonitis and the serious tendonitis symptoms such as chronic pain, joint damage and tears it is extremely important to  S  T  R  E  T  C  H!!! Yes, it is that simple.  Prior to performing any sport or activity that will require the use of your muscles and joints, you need to stretch.  By stretching, you will warm up the muscles and tendons so that they have more elasticity which will prevent muscle and tendon tears.

You would not immediately take the car out of the garage without warming it up properly, would you?  Well, I guess some would which could lead to serious damage to the vehicle in the long run.  The same is true with the body.  Upon waking up, you should stretch gently before beginning your morning routine or you may be in bed by noon with chronic pain because you did not warm up properly prior to exerting the body to the days tasks at hand.

Here's some simple and effective stretches to prime the body before a rigorous day ahead:

Types of Tendonitis:

Occupational Therapy

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There are many different types of tendonitis.  Tennis or golfer's elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, achilles tendonitis, patellar or knee tendonitis, trigger finger, plantar fascitis, rotator cuff or shoulder tendonitis are just a few.  Whether you have one or more of these tendonitis issues, they all have one thing in common. Pain and inflammation.  Tendonitis, simply put, is inflammation of one or more tendons.

How You Develop Tendonitis

When tendons are overused or abused in a consistent manner, you are a target for tendonitis.  How you developed tendonitis is important.  It may have been from a sports injury or from a favorite hobby like playing the guitar.  It doesn't really matter what type of tendonitis you have but, rather, how you got it.  You need to understand the basic mechanics of tendonitis before you can rid yourself of this chronic and painful condition.  You can eliminate your symptoms of tendonitis but it will take some time, this is not an overnight cure.

Treatment for Tendonitis:

Rest, splints and braces, anti-inflammatory drugs, pain killers, physical therapy, iontophoresis, shock wave therapy, various forms of manual therapy, and then surgery when all of that fails to fix the problem….More at Feb 2, Tendonitis, Information on Treatment Symptoms You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Tendonitis Treatment Video

Here's a video that can help you treat your tendonitis pain naturally



Relief for Knee Pain

Smith & Nephew Journey Deuce Bi-compartmental unit) 2 of 3 Michael L. Baird's right knee as shown in x-ray 11 June 2008

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Are you afflicted with pain in the knee or hip from tendonitis?  A seminar will be conducted to discuss knee treatment and other ways to relieve knee or hip pain.  

Pain Relief Seminar

Harold Whitehouse will be conducting a free seminar on knee and hip pain Saturday, 02 February 2013 at 10:30 A.M. at Maple Suites.  If you would like to attend or for more information, please RSVP by calling 603-742-8820 

The seminar will focus on the anatomy of knees and hips; signs and symptoms of joint problems; how joint specialists can help; treatment options plus diet, exercise and medication….More at At Maple Suites: Talk on early Portsmouth; free hip and knee pain seminar – Foster's Daily Democrat


If you suffer from chronic pain of the knees, hip or any other part of your body, you should take a look at  for more information and start living a pain-free life now.