Main Cause of Sports Injuries:


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Do you know one of the leading causes of sports careers being ended prematurely?  Well, here it is…TENDONITIS.  How many times have you seen in the paper or the television, or even heard on the radio of “another” promising athelte's career ending prematurely due to a sports injury.  Most of the time it is of a chronic and painful condition known as tendonitis.  This could be any number of a variety of tendonitis problems.  A few worth mentioning are achilles tendonitis, ankle tendonitis, knee tendonitis, elbow tendonitis or worse – rheumatoid arthritis which could arise from symptoms of tendonitis.

Preventative Medicine:

There are a host of things you can do to avoid being a candidiate to types of tendonitis.  One of the best things any athlete or regular individual can do is  S T R E T C H.  If ANY physical activity requires you to use your muscles or a group of muscles, the most important thing you can do is to warm the muscles up prior to performing the main activity.  It is like your automobile.  Not many would dare to start their car's engine and immediately drive off into the sunset without letting the engine warm up for a few minutues beforehand or you are in for some serious problems, not to mention expensive repairs.  The same analogy is true for your body.  If you don't warm up the affected muscle groups prior to exercising, playing ball, etc., you could do some serious damage to the joints and ligaments.  With health care the way it is today, and not getting better in the future, the costs are astronomical!  Don't forget the pain, fatigue downtime,and emotional toll it takes on and out of your life, as well!



Rheumatoid Arthritis

Do you have knee pain form exercise or is it a more severe condtion like rheumatoid arthritis (RA) of the knee?  Do you know the symptoms of RA or, more importantly, how to treat it?  Here is some useful information that may help you discover if you have arthritis in the knee or some other tendonitis symptom.

Smith & Nephew Journey Deuce Bi-compartmental unit) 2 of 3 Michael L. Baird's right knee as shown in x-ray 11 June 2008

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What Is Knee RA?

Rheumatoid arthritis of the knee causes the joints to become tender, warm, and swollen. Although knee osteoarthritis causes pain and stiffness, joint pain with knee RA is more severe.

Symptoms of Knee Arthritis

Some common symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are:

  1. Fever
  2. Flu-like symptoms
  3. Pain
  4. Fatigue
  5. Stiffness
  6. Swelling and inflamation

Knee Exercises

Any type of chronic pain in the knee or other body part can become quite aggrevating.  Try these exercises to help improve your condition and live a more pain-free life.



Common Football Injuries

Whether you are a professional or novice football player – you have one thing in common.  Professional or novice, you are susceptible to many types of injuries caused by football.  From various symptoms of tendonitis such as wrist or knee tendonitis or an ankle sprain to much worse like ACL or PCL injuries.

Wrist Tendonitis

Charlie Brown never learns

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Wrist tendonitis is a painful condition that can develop either from an arm injury or simply overusing your arm. If you feel a swelling and pain in your wrist, it may be the result of an irritation of the tissues around the tendons of your thumb. Treatments, in addition to plenty of rest, can include physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medication….More at OrthoAtlanta Discusses Common Football Injuries – EIN News

Just remember RICE if you sustain any type of injury:

  • Rest
  • Ice the injury
  • Compress the site
  • Elevate

Seeking a medical professional would not be a bad idea, especially if you experience chronic pain associated with the injury.

Hamstring Tendonitis has Coe on Giants' IR

Coe says he is not really injured but believes he more than likely has calf tendonitis, a little fluid.  He had a minor hamstring injury early on but doesn't feel he should have been put on the IR list for the Giants.

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Giants cornerback Michael Coe said Monday that he was placed on injured reserve with the minor injury designation, and he was surprised the Giants made that decision to place him on IR. Once Coe is healthy, the Giants can release him, but he can't come back to the team this season.

“I guess they needed a roster spot,” Coe said. “That's what you get.”

He added: “It's part of the business.”…More at Coe surprised G-Men placed him on IR – ESPN (blog)


It is starting to warm up all around and people are getting outdoors more and more.  One of the problems is the people who love to rid a bike may be in store for a problem.  Patellar tendonitis and cycling can become a problem.

There are things that you can do to help prevent patellar tendonitis or other knee injuries and we are going to discuss them here.  Done correctly you can have fun all summer long and ride the cycle all around and have zero injuries.  Lets learn how to prevent patellar tendonitis while we are out cycling

Patellar Tendonitis and Cycling

Use the Ball of Your Feet

Patellar Tendonitis and Cycling

3 tips to help with patellar tendonitis and cycling that makes for a fun summer.

One easy way that an athlete can prevent knee injuries while cycling is to use the ball of his or her foot to pedal. An athlete that uses the heels of his or her feet to pedal will experience more knee pain, especially if he or she is an avid cyclist. The ligaments in the knee are susceptible to serious strain when an athlete uses his or her heel to pedal, which can lead to ligament tears if the pressure is too great. If an athlete is not sure of what the right foot position is during cycling, he or she should seek the advice of a personal trainer or professional cyclist, in order to help him or her improve technique.

Read the rest of the article and the other two tips on how to prevent patellar tendonitis and cycling

Don’t ruin your spring and summer months that are full of fun times.  If you love to cycle then just do the simple steps that are listed here and you will continue to have fun all summer long and prevent patellar tendonitis and cycling.

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We knew it was going to happen and it was just a matter of time and now there is texting tendonitis thumbs, or Blackberry thumb.  Not that amazing when you think about it with all the texting going on.  In this article this women is texting 5000 times a month and still has the pain and is not going to stop.

The problem with all this texting is it is going to take a long time to get rid of the pain if you don’t try to cut back some.  With this repetitive motion over and over the pain is just going to get worse.

Texting Tendonitis Thumbs

Wallburg, NC–  We all know that text messaging is a primary form of communication for many people. Some consider it easier, faster, quieter, and more convenient. But texting could cost you, and not just on your cell phone bill.

Believe it or not, there are real physical conditions called “texting tendonitis”, “Blackberry thumb”, and “IPad palm”.

News 2’s Liz Crawford found a local woman who said she’s feeling the pain after texting up to 200 times a day.

Emily Ney of Davidson county admits her injuries, but also says she can’t stop.

“My blackberry died from all the excessive texting, so I had to get an Android and I’m texting away more than ever now even though I do get thumb problems, the cramps and everything, I’m going to text right through it,” said Ney.

For Ney, texting is her way of life. She sends between 100 and 200 text messages every day, amounting to about 5,000 a month.

Texting tendonitis thumbs

A new one texting tendonitis thumbs, is here finally and it hurts. Learn how to get rid of the pain.

Ney said she prefers texting to talking on the phone.

“You don’t call anybody anymore, you text ’em!” she said.

But Ney never considered the strain texting could have on her hands and wrists.

“After so long of texting, my thumbs do tend to cramp, they tend to get sore, and they hurt after texting all day,” she said.

Just after texting a couple minutes, she said she needs to stretch out her hands and they immediately start to crack.

When Crawford asked if the pain will ever make this “extreme texter” change her habits, this was her response:

“Not at all. I’m still texting, ” she said.

News 2 took Ney’s symptoms to an orthopedic surgeon and it turns out, she’s not alone.

“They’re spending a lot of time doing this motion over and over again and what it can do is create inflammation along the tendons of the thumb,” said Chris Blackman, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon at Piedmont Orthopedics.

“It can be a cramping, it can be a numbness, usually it’s just pain that may start just gradually and it’s not hurting them so much, but then they start doing it over and over, and then it’s pain that becomes more constant,” added Blackman.

Blackman said that he has treated several patients with hand and wrist problems they attribute to texting.

When it comes to treatment, Blackman said the only way to heal is to give the texting a rest, something that’s not so easy for many people, including Ney.

Blackman did offer another suggestion.   He said folks can try texting with other fingers so all the stress isn’t on their thumbs.

Blackman said injuries aren’t just limited to the fingers and wrists.  He has seen patients with tension in their neck and shoulders due to looking down at the phone while texting.

Ney said she often has neck pain after a day of texting.

WFMY News 2 is where you are able to read more great articles and where this article came from.

So the problem with texting tendonitis thumbs is that the pain is going to be hard to get rid of if you are not willing to slow down or even stop for a while.  So it was just a matter of time for this to be a real problem with people and that day has come.

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