What Causes Tendonitis?

In a nutshell, tendonitis is caused by placing too much stress on the same body parts or tendons, repeatedly.  The main characteristics of tendonitic are swelling and inflammation of the affected tendons.  This usually produces chronic pain for the individual suffering with tendonitis.

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Types/Causes of Tendonitis?

Here are some primary forms of tendonitis and how they are contracted:

  1. Achilles or foot tendonitis – tendons have the ability to stretch and contract but if too the extreme, can cause undue pressure on the tendon. Sports involving running such as soccer, jumping as in acrobatics can cause cases of achilles tendonitis, as well as for individuals that have to stand on their feet every day for long periods of time.
  2. Hand tendonitis such as carpal tunnel syndrome – caused by overusing the muscles in the hands and wrists due to repetitive motion. This primarily occurs in individuals that type or text quite a bit.
  3. Shoulder tendonitis or bursitis – a group of muscles known as the rotator cuff becomes irritated and inflammed as can happen in individuals that swim, play baseball, tennis and even golf.
  4. Wrist tendonitis – again, due to a continual repetitive motion of the wrist. Some activities that can be attributed to this type of tendonitis are gymnastics, golf, carpentry and sports involving racquets such as tennis or racquet ball

Tendonitis Treatments:

There are a number of different and various treatments you can do to alleviate your painful symptoms of tendonitis.  The first and foremost is to reduce the inflammation of the tendons.  The use of a cool compress on the affected area and rest are the best and primary assurances to relieve the pain.  An NSAID like ibuprofen will also help in reducing the inflammation.  You could immobilize the affected tendons with a brace or splint such as for tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome.  Sometimes it helps to elevate the affected area.

As with anything in life, do it in moderation.  If you are experiencing pain or undue stress on a joint, lighten up and take it easy to heal the area.  Exercise and stretching will help, but, again, too much is not a good thing and could cause more harm than good.