Bursitis Increases with Age

Bursitis in the hip, knee, shoulder, elbow or anywhere a tendon connects muscles to bone can be a chronic and extermely painful condition.

Tuberculous bursitis

Image by Pulmonary Pathology via Flickr


Ever wonder why they call it the “Golden Years”?  I think it’s because as we age, we have to visit the doctors with more aches and pains.  The only thing golden is the pockets we line for out-of-pocket expences and co-pays to figure out what is ailing us.  Bursitis, a common tendonitis type, afflicts millions of people every year.

As we age, our bones and ligaments become more brittle and less pliable causing stress on the tendons in our bodies.

Bones, tied together with ligaments, move because of the energy of muscles, which are attached to the bones by tendons. As motion is repeated year after year, the tendons begin to lose their elasticity and can actually tear. Or in the case of sudden injury, tendons can tear quickly….More at Bursitis – A painful but curable condition – Calaveras Enterprise

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Here are some exercises you can perform to strengthen your muscles which, in turn, should help in reducing chronic pain which usually accompanies the symptoms of tendonitis and bursitis