Hard Surface Sports Equates to Achilles Tendonitis 

The threat of chronic pain from achilles tendonitis and plantar fascitis in children is extremely high.  Children's bones and tendons in the feet are not fully developed yet and the stress created from participating in sports on hard surfaces can compound the problem even more.  If the pain goes untreated, this could plague the child well into adulthood.


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Some of the most common areas where kids have pain include–

• Calcaneal Apophysitis: A heel growth plate inflammation due to muscle strain and repetitive stress.

• Achilles Tendonitis: The tendon connecting to the heel bone to the calf muscle gets inflammed.

• Plantar Fasciitis: If you've ever had this as an adult, it is devastating. The band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot from the heel to the toes becomes inflamed.

• Stress fractures: There is a resultant hairline break from repeated stress on the bone. It is of the utmost importance to watch your children. If there is a limp when walking and any sign of pain, action must be taken for evaluation and treatment….More at The Running Doctor/Common areas of foot pain for children – Westport-News

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