Arthritis Pain and Cold Weather

The onset of winter weather brings chronic pain for those suffering from various types of tendonitis, as well as those with rheumatoid or osteoarthritis. Chronic pain is more prevalent during the winter and spring seasons than any other time of the year.  You can fight back the pain with a good diet and exercise.  As the weather turns colder, your joints stiffen up causing an increase in pain.  Regular exercise, such as walking will help loosen the muscles and reduce the feelings of pain.  

Tips to Reduce Arthritis and Tendonitis PainFrosty Footpath - winter snow

Image by blmiers2 via Flickr

Here are just a few simple tips to help reduce the chronic pain from arthritis and tendonitis


* Keep your aching joints warm during winters

* Take hot packs or warm baths

* Alternate cold and hot packs for 10 minutes

* Do not strain or overdo

* Be careful while walking on slippery ground

* Take healthy and balanced diet

* Eat lot of fresh fruits and vegetables…More at Extra care in cold helps endure arthritis better – Times of India