Computer Use May be Causing you Tendonitis Pain

Tendonitis is creeping up everywhere — from carpal tunnel syndrome to spondylitis. The onset of tendonitis and neck pain is quite prevalent in today's society, especially with more and more people working on a computer.   Take care or these symptoms may cause permanent injury.

desk - front and above - no chair
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If you have pain in wrist, hand or finger due to working for long hours on computer, you should seek medical advice promptly. The most likely cause is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Tendonitis but the pain can also be ‘referred’ and its source could be somewhere else on the nerve’s path – such as the arm, shoulder or neck….More at Are you sitting comfortably? – Deccan Herald

Here are just a few simple steps you should take to keep medically fit and keep tendonitis at bay:

  • Adjust your chair height
  • Pull up close to the keyboard
  • Take a pause or break every 20-30 minutes you spend on the computer