Carpal Tunnel Study

Video may be promising in helping to find a cure for individuals that suffer with the symptoms and chronic pain of carpal tunnel syndrome.  

Dad's Wrist Injury (4)

Image by Chris Pirillo via Flickr

This study is a relatively new techology using video to record repetitive movements and then a computer can analyze the task to determine if the job is hazardous.

Robert Gadwin, a professor in biomedical engineering and industrial and systems engineering, who also led the study, said the idea of the research is to combine human perception with the computer to measure things that are not easy to measure using normal laboratory methods. He said a researcher instructs the program where the hands are in the video screen and then the computer watches the hands to calculate how repetitive the task is the person is doing….More at New technology furthers carpal tunnel research at UW campus – UW Badger Herald

The study has been in progress for about 2 1/2 years and hopefully will establish guidelines to inform employers what actiities are dangerous and could ultimately lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and other injuries.  Previous methods of study including placing sensors on volunteers hands and fingers but the invasiveness made it unnatural for quite a few movements of the hand and thus interferred with the results of the study.

He said their research works to establish what kind of work or activity level is considered safe, or prone to certain types of injuries, like carpal tunnel syndromes….More at New technology furthers carpal tunnel research at UW campus – UW Badger Herald

If you suffer from chronic pain due to symptoms of carpal tunnel or other injuries due to repetitive movement in the hands and wrists, check out this video for some exercises you can perform to relieve the pain.