Dealing with Arm Tendonitis

Many people suffer from pain that can be anywhere from their shoulder all the way down to their wrist. It is possible they injured their arm suddenly by picking up a heavy object or it happened slowly over time. Arm tendonitis is a result of stress to the arm tendons in the arm or shoulder area.

These tendons become inflamed and sore, making it difficult to do their day to day activities. Because of continued use of the arm, people with arm tendonitis tend to heal slowly.

Often when people begin an exercise program they do not realize that the lack of muscle activity has caused their muscles and tendons to stiffen. Without the proper stretching to loosen up the tendons, tendonitis in arm can be the result.

Symptoms can include pain and swelling, stiffness after exercise, and pain if you try to lie on your side at night.

The Goal to Increase Arm Strength

If the arm is painful and swollen, continued use will only make the condition worse. A trained therapist or personal coach can help you devise a program which will increase your arm strength.

Initially, ice an injury and pain relievers may help with the pain but the long term goal should be to slowly increase muscle and tendon strength. If there is a lot of inflammation and swelling you might first want to take anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the inflammation.

This will allow for greater comfort when beginning a strength training program.  Sometimes this tendonitis in the arm can have an effect on other parts of the body and in this case could cause even some wrist tendonitis.

Arm tendonitis tends to be recurring so a sensible approach to prevention is a wise choice. If you are starting on a strength training program it is very important for you to warm up with stretches before each session.

Begin your training program slowly, allowing your tendons and muscles time to adjust to the new activity.

If you feel that your arm is becoming fatigued you might want to give it a rest.

Don’t try pushing strength training too fast. If possible, limit your arm activity until the tendon has time to start healing.

Wearing a sling may be helpful in supporting your arm’s weight and providing immobility.

Arm Tendonitis and Surgery

There are times when arm tendonitis results in tendon rupture or damage. If this is the case surgery may be your only option. The surgeon can make a small incision and make the necessary repair to the tendon.

After a period of recovery time you will then have to begin a program to rehabilitate your arm. This may take some time but if done properly you will regain the use and mobility of your arm.

The long-term goal will be to avoid future actions that will cause a recurrence of arm tendonitis.

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