Fountain of Youth

The controversial deer antler spray proportedly decreases pain, but does it provide sustained pain relief?  Not only Ray Lewis, but many other sports professionals like Vijay Singh and Mark Calcavecchia have tried this remedy with good results.  That is, until they were banned!

A Wollaton Deer

Image by ** Lucky Cavey ** via Flickr

What Exactly is Deer Antler Spray?

“Deer velvet consists of the blood and tissue from a fresh deer antler,” Charles said. “It's filled with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and natural anti-inflammatory agents.”

“Traditional medicines may provide you with relief but alternative medicines are curative,” said Charles, who also described taking ginger, garlic, gingko, biloba, and bee pollen. “They strengthen your immune system.”…More at

What's the Big Deal?

With so much controversy of drug abuse in the athletic community, why is deer antler spray and other animal being banned, especially if they help relieve symptoms of pain?  The anti-doping policies are going completely overboard.  It seems if anyone takes a nutrient or vitamin that is “foreign” to the human body they will be subject to scrutiny, and worse, could be in jeopardy of being banned from their sport.  

Granted, the banning of harmful “man-made” substances like steroids is wise, but, come on, all-natural vitamins and nutrients?  After all, God created all plants and animals for the benefit of man.  Before you know it, honey will be banned because it comes from bee pollen – are you serious????