What Causes Dequervains Tendonitis?

Our hands are used for everything–from typing to writing and all activities in between.  Our hands are constantly moving our wrists and our fingers.  Our hands are flexible; however, they do get tired and sometimes have pain.  This is known as Wrist tendonitis or  dequervains tendonitis.  When you get pain in your wrist, the best thing to do is apply a pain relief treatment to the site.   Here is how you can treat wrist tendonitis or dequervains tendonitis.

What can you do about Dequervains tendonitis?

Dequervains tendonitis occurs on the side of the wrist, where the tendon of your thumb runs through your forearm and occurs from moving the thumb vigorously, as with text messaging.  You can bet the kids today are going to have some type of problem in the future.  They will become the most susceptible for dequervains tendonitis as they get older, don’t you think.

The onset of dequervains tendonitis feels like a shooting pain in the thumb and forearm.  Not only do our children have a chance of getting this tendonitis, but anyone that has an occupation which requires a lot of manual dexterity and repetition.  Remember, the tendons become less elastic as we age and are more prone to strain and sprains.  Fortunately there are a couple of ways to treat this.

How to treat De quervains tendonitis

WRIST BRACE WITH SPLINT #4039 MED-LEFTMuch like any other type of tendonitis, the patient, with at-home care, can treat dequervains tendonitis. Your doctor will recommend you limit the use of your wrist as much as possible, and to apply ice to the swollen area every day for at least fifteen minutes.  It may also help to wear a wrist splint or


brace to help support both the thumb and wrist to prevent further injury.   Over-the-counter medicine such as ibuprofen and aspirin can help with dulling the pain.  Cortisone shots can help in extreme cases, but the pain will most likely return after a few months.

The best way to treat dequervains tendonitis is with home treatments.  Prevention is a great way to avoid the pain that can occur with dequervains tendonitis.  You must make sure that you use your thumb and wrist as little as possible.

If your job requires you to use these tendons,  you should wear some type of brace if you have a history of dequervains tendonitis or if you start to see early symptoms.  Don’t forget the old saying “prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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