People Can Create Their Own Tendonitis Problems

Why is it that when Mondays arrive we are sometimes injured or in some type of pain?  It all has to do with what we did and how we did it over the weekend.

Sometimes we just take on to much.  We need to be smarter about how we perform certain task.  

woman gardening
Image by Ron Wiecki via Flickr

This article is going to help you with some tips on how to do some of the most common things we do.  This can be as simple as hedging a bush or painting a wall in our home.

Tendonitis Injuries Are Very Common

EVER wondered why the physio is always booked out on Mondays? Apparently itÂ’s all to do with the way we spend our weekends. Here are some tips to stay injury free.

Where would physiotherapists be without weekend injuries? A lot less busy, manipulative physiotherapist Matt Geister says….More at Why physios love Mondays

Check out some of these cool tips on how to remain tendonitis free.

— Pruning hedges

Holding hand shears or a petrol hedge trimmer straight out in front of you and doing lots of repetitive movements under load is a recipe for tendonitis in the elbows and shoulders.

+ Tip: If you’re conditioned from regular upper-body exercise you’ll cope with this better. If not, take breaks every 20 minutes and stretch. Use an icepack on sore elbows when you finish.

— Using pressure cleaners

“We see people who’ve been waving these around for three or four hours straight!” Geister says.

They end up with tendonitis in the elbows and thumbs, and trigger fingers (where the tendons catch and lock).

+ Tip: Take regular breaks and swap hands….More at Why physios love Mondays

As you can see, doing different tasks incorrectly can cause you much unnecessary pain and suffering.  

This would include the possibility of getting a trigger finger, elbow tendonitis, shoulder tendonitis and many other forms of this painful desease.  But there are ways to do things that can protect you from these problems.

So pay attention to what you are doing, take plenty of breaks to break up those repetitive motions and tasks and you should get through the weekend in fine shape.