Improve Strength Without Chronic Pain

80% of people suffer with chronic joint pain whether it be from arthritis, tendonitis or simply overddoing it in the gym.  Most think it is related to age but this isn’t the case.  Most people suffer with pain in the low back and knees due to improper bending and lifting.l

Improve Strength Without Chronic Pain

Image by Spirit-Fire via Flickr

While the goal of training in the gym is frequently to look and feel better, it also represents for many the place where people can make their bodies stronger to enjoy other pursuits outside the gym.

Quality of life also includes taking the edge off of chronic pain or age-onset discomforts that can find their way into our lives at any time….More at Victor: Training to minimize aches, pains – The Columbian

The two main discomforts occur in the knees and lower back.  Here are some things to do to strengthen the surrounding muscles and improve flexibility and eliminate joint discomfort.


Pain is usually accompanied by too much bending.  By strengthening the quads you will reduce the stress at the knees.  To do this, flex and squeese your quads for 10-15 seconds throughout your day.  Put pressure on your heels when standing up from a seated position.

Low Back:

Pain in the low back is usually due to constant sitting and leaning over.  To strengthen your stomach muscles, pull your belly button in anytime your are sitting.  Remain with your back pressed against the chair.  Firmly contract your abdomen for 10 – 15 second intervals without holding your breath.  You can do this any time throughout the day or while you are driving.

These two exercises alone will help you alleviate the discomfort in your joints.