Causes of Elbow Tendonitis

Elbow tendinitis usually occurs when you overuse the muscles in the forearm.  This causes inflammation and pain around the elbow joint.  The reason for elbow tendonitis to appear is different from person to person.  It can happen from a single and violent action or because of repetitive stress injury (RSI) which is very common.

You can also occur when an action is being performed over and over again and this causes the pain to develop.

Elbow tendonitis happens in athletes

Usually elbow tendonitis happens in tennis players and golfers, but it can happen in every one.  The pain starts to intensify when the offending action increases.  Elbow tendonitis is very common in athletes, but it has been known to happen when a weekend carpenter uses his hand tools.

This condition of elbow tendonitis will not result in any long lasting disability.  It very rarely requires surgery for treatment.  The easiest way to treat elbow tendonitis is with rest and rehabilitation.  You can also take some anti-inflammatory drugs that will ease the pain and these can be taken orally.

Can Affect Everyone Though It Is Most Common To Golfers and Tennis Players

In case normal anti-inflammatory medications fail, then cortisone injections may be taken. Tendons that attach the bones at the elbow can often become inflamed and these tendons arise from the movement of muscles that move the wrist, and because the wrist is used for many functions, it is not surprising that elbow tendonitis occurs a lot in these tendons.

Also, many tennis players are affected that use a lot of forceful wrist movements, and such a condition is commonly referred to as a “tennis elbow“.  In spite of tennis players being most often struck, elbow tendonitis can occur in any person that uses their wrists and hands routinely, and even office workers that spend a lot of time using the phone, fax or computer and filing and other repetitive activities are just as liable to be struck with this condition.

Elbow Tendonitis is Treatable

The good news is that elbow tendonitis is almost always treatable and curable as well. The best treatment for elbow tendonitis is of course taking a lot of rest from activities that cause the symptoms to appear. One may also use ice on the inflamed tendons of the elbow for about twenty minutes, twice or thrice daily to get relief from it.

Elbow tendonitis can affect the patient’s ability to perform normal routine activities and will thus require rehabilitation which should aim to reduce pain, increase flexibility as well as strengthen as well as restore function.

You may have to get an evaluation to see how much strength you have.  What you have to do is determine the activities that are causing the elbow tendonitis condition to arise.  To get the elbow back in shape, you should get some kind of advice that will require you to follow certain routines and also you will need to make simple adjustments to prevent the elbow tendonitis from recurring.

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