Pot in a Pill?

Marijuana in an encapsulated form may provide help for pain relief for individuals with all types of medical problems, including tendonitis.  Whether it be shoulder or ankle tendonitis, dronabinol can prove to help relieve painful and chronic symptoms of tendonitis and other medical conditions.  

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Dronabinol – Miracle Worker?

Let me introduce you to dronabinol. It turns out that the miracle that is modern psychopharmacology has now shown it IS possible to render pot's analgesic effects into capsule form. And according to a new study, it works just as well as smoked marijuana at tamping down pain. But the capsule's effects last longer, and they come with fewer of the “abuse-related subjected effects” (i.e., feeling high) than does smoked marijuana….More at Pot in a pill: All the pain relief without the smoke – Los Angeles Times

A study was conducted where thirty regular marijuana users submerged their hand in a vat of 39 degree water and held it there for as long as they could (up to two minutes).  After which, they would describe the type of pain they experienced due to the frigid water.  The subjects were then given one of three things:  1. up to 7 puffs of a marijuana cigarette in one of two strengths, (provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse) or 2. a placebo or 3. dronabinol in capsule form.

Conclusions: marijuana in a capsule seems to fight pain, at least in a population of people who already use marijuana regularly and don't have chronic or neuropathic pain. Its effects on populations of patients who don't usually smoke pot, and whose pain comes from disease states such as cancer or neuropathy, still needs to be tested….More at Pot in a pill: All the pain relief without the smoke – Los Angeles Times