Weight May Lead to Tendonitis of the Feet

Have you ever heard the saying: “Take good care of your feet and they will take care of you”?  It's a truism.  Think about it, your entire body weight rests on your feet.  Most people don't pay much attention to their feet until they experience pain and discomfort.

Bone cuts

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Because it supports all of our weight, the foot is prone to a number of conditions which require the skill of highly knowledgeable and experienced specialists. Just as important, the outstanding foot doctors of Beverly Hills Physicians understand that you need your feet for all kinds of purposes – not just for walking and running, but also for dancing and play. From injuries of the Achilles tendon to heel disorders, shin splints, bunion surgery, tendonitis, general foot pain, and even warts, these widely respected medical experts know how to treat every problem affecting the foot. When it comes to feet, the podiatrists of Beverly Hills Physicians have seen it all. …More at Your Feet Support Your Entire Body, So Be Good to Them, Suggests Beverly … – Sacramento Bee

Diet and Exercise:

This is basically common sense but worth repeating.  Diet and exercise are key in living a happy and virtually pain-free lifestyle.  The readon is mention this is because your feet have to absorb your entire body weight with every single step.  If you are overweight, the impact on your foot, ankle and pretty much all of your lower extremities have to endure the burden.  Being overweight can cause all kinds of health concerns.  Among them are high blood pressure, gout, heart disease, as well as various types of tendonitis such as achilles tendonitis, ankle tendonitis – all of which could lead to a worsening and dibilitating health condition known as rheumatoid arthritis.

Exercise Your Tendonitis Away:

Here is a great exercise video that is two-fold.  It will help you to lose the unnecessary and excessive pounds, as well as strenghen your muscles which will lead to a more active and pain-free way of life.