Tendonitis Helped by Exercise:

Keep Fit Be Happy

Image by kevin dooley via Flickr

Exercise does more than promote a healthy body.  It can also help you to relieve the chronic and sometimes painful feelings you have when it comes to all types of tendonitis.  Whether it be shoulder tendonitis or ankle tendonitis, exercise helps to improve the elasticity of the muscles and joints which is very important to all the tendons in the body.  Simple stretching can relax the tendon and improve strength and flexibility on the joints and muscles in the body.  Arthritis sufferers can also improve their painful symptoms with light to moderate exercise.


Flexibility Exercises to Improve Tendonitis Symptoms

Perhaps you don't know which exercises will help your tendonitis or, moreso, which ones will worsen your symptoms of tendonitis.  Check out this video and see the benefits you can derive.