Resolve to Exercise in the New Year

Every year people usually make a resolution to get fit and get involved in some sort of exercise program.  That is fine, but remember to do it in moderation.  20-30 minutes a day of light to medium exercise is all you need.  Most individuals get gung ho and want to perform to an extreme which can lead to serious injury such as ankle and knee sprains, symptoms of tendonitis and more serious injuries.

Jogging couple

Image by Ed Yourdon via Flickr


Exercise in Moderation

Wilmot High School Athletic Trainer Nikolai Laitamaki said moderation is the only way to go.

“You don’t have to kill yourself,” he said. “We all can benefit from any type of athletic movement. Just 20-30 minutes of light to medium exercise is good.”

He said often people decide to start an exercise program and end up with one of the big three exercise-related injuries — strains and sprains, tendonitis and shin splints.

Strains are muscular when you pull or pinch something in the process of exercise or sport; a sprain is more of a ligament twist or pull. Tendonitis occurs from repetitive motions and overuse from a single-sport focus, something that is increasing in younger athletes who no longer vary their athletic pursuits. Shin splints typically occur when…More at New to exercise? Take it slow so you don't get hurt – Kenosha News (subscription)

Prior to performing any exercise routine, be sure you warm up first by stretching the muscles you are going to work outl.  If you don't, you could strain the muscles further causing chronic pain which may lead to joint and tendonitis problems down the road.  Here are some major injuries you could sustain if you do not stretch properly prior to exercising.


Top 10 sports injuries

1. Muscle pulls/cramps

2. Neck strain/pain

3. Frozen shoulder

4. Strained lower back

5. “Tennis elbow”

6. “Runner’s knee”

7. Shin splints

8. Sprained/twisted ankle

9. Achilles tendonitis

10. Foot arch pain/strain…More at New to exercise? Take it slow so you don't get hurt – Kenosha News (subscription)

Just remember, with anything, be smart and start slow to avoid any physical inujuries in the future.  If you do happen to strain or sprain a muscle group, there are many all-natural pain relief rememdies you can use without harmful side effects.  Visit and see the benefits this pain reliever can provide for you.