What's in Store for Gasol:


Pau Gasol

Image by diebmx via Flickr

Not the best year for this NBA player.  His problems with knee tendonitis has caused concern for the Lakers.  Do they really need Gasol?  Yes, he is a great player, but Gasol sat out 8 games due to tendonitis in his knee and another 5 due to a concussion.  

“It seems they don't want him, but actually they need him,” Rubio said. “Because he is a great player. He can do a lot of things. He's had issues with his knees, and it's been a lot of years without resting for him. But he's a veteran. He knows how to play. He's a great player.”…More at Rubio on Gasol: If Lakers don't want him… – Minneapolis Star Tribune

What's Next for Gasol:

Is the 32-year old veteran going to the Wolves?  At this stage and age in his career, will he be able to play to the calibre he is used to?  Time will surely tell.  Until then, it is anyone's guess.  If only we had a crystal ball.