RISE to an Ankle Sprain

Have you recently suffered from an ankle sprain or is it something more severe like ankle tendonitis?  An ankle, knee or any other type of sprain means that there is a tearing of the ligaments from the bone that connects them at a neighboring joint.  This sounds, and can be, quite painful.  Just remember to “RISE” if you get a sprain:

  • Rest the joint
  • Ice the affected area
  • Splint or brace the injury
  • Elevate the ankle

These simple steps will help to alleviate the chronic pain you may feel if you sprain an ankle, knee, wrist or any other part of your body.

Ankle Treatment

Left Ankle

Image by mollyeh11 via Flickr

Treatment for a severe sprain depends on which ligament has been torn. Some torn ligaments can be repaired surgically with stitches; others must be replaced surgically. Still others are treated with rehabilitation and a temporary cast or brace….More at Treatment of sprained ankle depends on severity – Burlington Times News