Treatment for Hand Tendonitis

When you sit down to type, does your hand start to hurt?  Do you think that you have carpel tunnel, but you don’t have the other symptoms that go along with it, such as tingling and numbness in your fingers?

If your hand is the only thing that is hurting and before you go and sign up for a bunch of carpel tunnel testing, you may just be facing hand tendonitis, which is a completely different, but still pain full condition.

Hand tendonitis is like most other tendonitis problems, and is a condition that is caused by the inflammation of the tendons that are located int he wrist and in the hand.  What happens is the inflammation will cause pain and swelling in the wrist and hand.  Often what happens with hand tendonitis is that it affects one tendon in particular, but it can still spread throughout the entire hand.

This irritation occurs usually around the wrist joint, where the tendons are housed in sheaths. When they are irritated, this sheath thickens, and the tendons cannot glide in their normal range of motion, making moving the hand painful. Hand tendonitis can affect that ability to do just about any activity that requires the use of the hands.

It is common to see swelling in the effected area when a patient has hand tendonitis.

How Is The Condition Diagnosed?

Hand tendonitis must be made by a qualified physician. Often, general practitioners are not able to accurately diagnose the condition. Sometimes a hand specialist is needed to isolate the affected area, particularly if the problem has become severe, because the pain spreads throughout the hand.

Most of the time, doctors will perform stretches of the affected hand to try to locate the exact spot that is affected.

How Is It Treated?

Treating hand tendonitis can be tricky. Not ever person responds to the same treatment, but there is a common route of treatment that doctors usually choose to take. The first step is to immobilize the affected area. This is done through wearing a hand brace.

The purpose of this immobilization is to allow the inflammation to come down. This is particularly vital for hand tendonitis caused by overuse. During the time of immobilization, the area is usually iced several times a day. This also helps cut back on the inflammation.

Sometimes hand tendonitis is treated by doctors with a prescription of anti inflammatory medication.  This will help with  the inflammation and the pain that comes with this type of tendonitis.  If the drugs do not start to take care of the problem, there is a more painful treatment of cortisone shots that doctors may recommend.

These shots will go directly into the tendon of the hand.  Usually this procedure will help or even sometimes eliminate the problem.

If the above procedures do not work then surgery may be required.  In most cases if you will just rest the hand, this can be a very effective treatment for hand tendonitis.

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