Causes of Tendonitis

Did you know that the act of cleaning may increase your chances of developing various types of tendonitis such as wrist tendonitis or carpal tunnel?  Has housework caused you to experience chronic and painful tendonitis symptoms such as numbness and tingling in your fingers and hands?  Well, just the simple act of wring out mops, dish towels, pressure in the movement of your hands as you clean can cause you to suffer.  All these things can contribute to the chronic and painful condition known as tendonitis.


Image by practicalowl via Flickr

Treatment for Tendonitis

There are remedies available to ease your symptoms of tendonitis.  You could wear a wrist splint to ease the pain, perform hand and finger exercises to increase mobility and the over-the-counter pain medications may help you.  If your causes of tendonitis are so disturbuing you could opt for tendonitis surgery.  This should be the last option, however.  

Pain Relief

If you aren't quite ready for surgery, and you have tried every imaginable solution to relieve the pain of your tendonitis, perhaps you should try this all-natural herbal remedy.  Visit http://www.tendonitistypes,com/realheal for more information on this amazing product.