What is Tendonitis

As you have heard before, everything happens for a reason.  Tendonitis is no different.  Muscles are attached to bones that control joints by way of tendons.  Overall wear and tear on the tendon can cause inflammation and pain.

Knee Injury

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Tendonitis happens for a variety of reasons. When the normal smooth gliding motion of a tendon is impaired, it can become inflamed, and movement around the joint that the tendon controls can become painful….More at Lessons learned from a Super Bowl MVP with torn triceps – Hometownlife.com

Causes of Tendonitis:

Some of the most common causes of tendonitis are:

  1. age – as we become older our tendons lose their elasticity causing the tendon to become worn and even torn.
  2. overuse – too much physical activity on one joint or another can cause injury.  Such is in the case of an athlete.  Over time, the tendon is fatigued due to wear and tear and can become inflammed and cause chronic pain.  

If you have an injury to a tendon, be sure to rest.  This is the number one remedy.  Also, be sure to elevate and compress the injury with a splint or brace to isolate the injury.  Icing the injury will help to reduce the inflammation, in turn, decreasing the amount of pain you feel.  

If you overwork or abuse your tendons, you can cause them to rupture or tear which could lead to a more critical condition requiring surgery.  Some of the most common types of injuries leading to causes of tendonitis occur to the shoulder, rotator cuff, achilles heel, ankle, knee and elsewhere.  Any where a muscle or joint is connected to a bone can be a source of tendonitis.  

Be good to your body.  Don't disregard pain, as this is a warning to take it easy on the body.  If you do suffer from chronic bouts of pain due to tendonitis or some other injury, feel free to visit http://www.tendonitistypes.com/realheal for an all-natural herbal pain relief remedy that can help out with more than just painful symptoms of tendonitis.