Avoid Tendonitis:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – ever heard this before?  Well, it is true. It applies to the body as well.  Do you know the simple way to avoid injury to your tendons and joints?  It is so common that most people don't even consider it! 

Time to stretch and get ready for a day of MAGiS preparations

Image by MAGIS2011 via Flickr

In order to avoid tendonitis and the serious tendonitis symptoms such as chronic pain, joint damage and tears it is extremely important to  S  T  R  E  T  C  H!!! Yes, it is that simple.  Prior to performing any sport or activity that will require the use of your muscles and joints, you need to stretch.  By stretching, you will warm up the muscles and tendons so that they have more elasticity which will prevent muscle and tendon tears.

You would not immediately take the car out of the garage without warming it up properly, would you?  Well, I guess some would which could lead to serious damage to the vehicle in the long run.  The same is true with the body.  Upon waking up, you should stretch gently before beginning your morning routine or you may be in bed by noon with chronic pain because you did not warm up properly prior to exerting the body to the days tasks at hand.

Here's some simple and effective stretches to prime the body before a rigorous day ahead: