Proper Way to Ice an Injury

We are going to talk about how to ice an injury the correct way.  There are some things that are a MUST if you are going to use ice when you get injured.  Using ice is an important part of the acute pain relief treatment process. Let’s discover the proper way to do this.

How hard is this to do?  This is an easy procedure to perform.  How long should you ice an injury?  15 – 20 minutes max.

If you get injured, you want to get the ice on the injury as soon as possible.  It is most effective immediately following your injury.  After approximately 48 hours, the effects of icing will be significantly less effective.

What to do when you Ice an Injury

Massage the Ice In –  “Ice Massage”
You need to apply the ice directly to the injury.  You don’t want to let it sit in one spot.  Move the ice very frequently.

Elevate the injury if possible
If you want to really reduce the swelling, keep the injured part of the body elevated above the heart.

Keep your Eye on the Clock
NEVER Ice for longer than 15-20 minutes at a time.  You will do more damage to the tissues if you ice longer than the above.  You could get frostbite, by icing for too long.

Give Yourself Some Time
The injured area needs to be allowed to warm up for around 45 minutes to one hour before you begin icing again.

If  Needed, Repeat
If you need to repeat the icing, that is fine.  You can ice as often as you like as long as the area is warm to the touch.  You must also have normal sensation to the area before you repeat the icing.

Icing Tips:

Traditional Ice Option #1
Get some ice cubes or crushed ice and put them in a zip-lock bag.  Add some water to the bag to allow the bag to conform to your body or the injured area.

Best Option #2
Have some paper cups filled with water in the freezer.   Peel the cup away and you have a nice round ice cube that you can hold.  Massage the ice-cup over the injury in a circular motion, allowing the ice to melt away.

Grocery Store Option #3
Get a bag of frozen peas or corn from your favorite grocery store.  This will allow you to have a reusable treatment method that you can also eat if you need to.  Two uses for the price of one.

These are just a few ideas describing how to use ice for your treatment.  The correct way, so you don’t injure yourself any more than necessary.

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