I'll Have Another Scratch Controversy, Because of Tendonitis

I'll Have Another was on the way to winning the Triple Crown title, when all of a sudden the horse was scratched.  Why, was the question that everyone was asking?  And the answers were many.

An article written in the Times said that the horse was being over medicated, but the trainer said that they reviewed x-rays and that the horse was suffering from tendonitis.  That was when the I'll Have Another scratch controversy began.

I'll Have Another Scratch Controversy

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Bramlage releases statement in regards to Times article, NBC broadcast – Times article, NBC broadcastTimes article, NBC broadcast

alleged that drastic treatments were being given to Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner I'll Have Another leading up to this year's Belmont Stakes. The colt was withdrawn from the Belmont, ending his bid for the Triple Crown, when trainer Doug O'Neill reported he began experiencing tendonitis, or tendon swelling, in his left front leg….More at Bramlage releases statement in regards to Times article, NBC broadcast – Brisnet.com


The controversy raged on and then NBC had to go and broadcast a segment that the I'll have another owners had a big problem with. They said that the article and broadcast was untrue and that the public would not understand what was right and what was wrong.  They would  not know the differences between some of the terms.


“In my opinion, The New York Times piece published on July 11 titled 'I'll Have Another had history of ailments, records show' was closer to tabloid journalism than in-depth reporting, as was the selective editing demonstrated on the July 11 edition of NBC's Nightly News with Brian Williams,” Bramlage said in a released statement.

“Our increased awareness of equine injuries has increased the number of times that we help the horse off the track, but those are not necessarily indications that the horse has had a serious problem. In fact, statistics indicate the number of Thoroughbred injuries has trended downward with the increased caution…More at Bramlage releases statement in regards to Times article, NBC broadcast – Brisnet.com

I'll Have Another scratch controversy

So with all the problems that happened, time has now passed and the chance for I'll Have Another is gone.  Maybe one of the best horse to run in our modern times, but we will never know.

So the I'll Have Another scratch controversy raged on, but will the truth ever be known, who knows.  Maybe some some day, but it is amazing that a horse can even develop tendonitis.