RG3 Knee Injury

Hearts stopped as RG3 seemed to go down in excruciating pain after a bad snap.  RG3s previous knee injury obviously took another hit for the team.  Did RG3 really “kneed” to stay in the game with such obvious repurcussions if his knee was damaged further?  Hindsight is crystal clear but what will the future hold for RG3s knee?  Is he down and out for good? Is it just a severe and chronic knee injury that will heal or is it an ACL injury that will require knee surgey?

RG3 Injury

Kirk Cousins


Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

In the fourth quarter against Seattle, Griffin reached down to get a bad snap, and his knee buckled without any contact. He went down on the ground and stayed there for a while. The television replay showed his knee twisting in a gruesome way.

If Griffin's knee injury is bad – he was still on the sideline after Kirk Cousins belatedly replaced him, so hopefully the brace saved his ACL – that's a much worse outcome for the Redskins than losing a playoff game. Griffin has given Washington's franchise more hope than it has had in more than a decade….More at Mike Shanahan has a lot of explaining to do after RG3′s ugly knee injury (VIDEO) – Yahoo! Sports (blog)

“What If?…”  this will be the million dollar question for a long time to come.