Menopause and Knee Pain

Knee problems may increase with the onset of menopause.  Women aged 50 and older have a greater chance of developing knee tendonitis and arthritis than men.  This is more than likely caused by a change in the hormonal balance and a decrease in estrogen.  

Knee Pain Exercises

Jogging couple

Image by Ed Yourdon via Flickr

There are some things you can do to decrease your chances of developing chronic pain which comes from the symptoms of knee tendonitis.  Exercising the muscles around the knee will surely increase your chances of success.  

(ABC) — Women with knee pain know how miserable and debilitating it can truly be. When women are younger, they tend to get more tendonitis or irritation issues around the knee and then as they age, especially when they accumulate previous injuries, it may lead to arthritis and further changes….More at Treatment of knee pain in women ages 50 and older – NewsChannel 9 WSYR