Surgery for Knee Pain

My knee surgery

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Depending on the specific causes of your knee pain, you may be candidate for either full or partial knee replacement. In either case, you can relieve your aching by having the damaged or worn parts of the joint replaced with metal or plastic parts that will restore you to comfortable mobility….More at Atlanta Orthopedic Surgeons OrthoAtlanta Recommend Fixing Your Knees For … – (press release)

Although the Atlanta Orthopedic Surgeons OrthoAtlanta “suggest you have knee replacement surgery to alleviate your symptoms of knee pain whether it be caused by injury or is a form of tendonitis, there are other alternatives you should explore first.  Surgery should be a the last resort.  

Knee Pain Relief

There are several exercises to help alleviate your symptoms of chronic pain associated with knee tendonitis and other injuries. You can also use all natural pain relief remedies that are available without the need of a prescription.  Realheal is just one such product and you can read more information about this excellent pain relief treatment at