Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

Carpal tunnel syndrome is often misdiagnosed as “double-crush sybdrome”.  Here are just a few symptoms you may experience if you, in fact, have carpal tunnel.  Weakness, tingling or numbness in the fingers and hands.  This occurs due to pressure on the medial nerve in the hand or wrist.  Carpal tunnel syndrome is more predominant in individuals 30 – 60 years of age that perform repetitive motions such as with typing.

Laser Therapy!

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition in which there is pressure on the median nerve, which can lead to numbness, tingling, weakness or muscle damage in the hand and fingers. The median nerve provides feeling and movement to the “thumb side” of the hand (the palm, thumb, index finger, middle finger and thumb side of the ring finger). The tunnel is very sensitive to swelling, irritation and compression from repetitive microtraumatic movements….More at A Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Approach for Carpel Tunnel Symdrome – Dynamic Chiropractic

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

There is now a new approach when it comes to treating the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a deep tissue laser treatment that targets the site.  The light promotes kinetic energy which produces photons that are absorbed into the skin and helps aid in the healpint process.  

What makes laser so special? Laser therapy aims to photobiostimulate chemically damaged cells via specific wavelengths of light. When cells are chemically damaged, they stimulate the chemical pain cycle. Laser excites the kinetic energy within cells by transmitting healing stimuli known as photons. The skin absorbs these photons via a photochemical effect, not photothermal; therefore, it does not cause heat damage to the tissues….More at A Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Approach for Carpel Tunnel Symdrome – Dynamic Chiropractic

Deep tissue laser therpy can help a host of other conditions including achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow and a many more types of tendonitis you may experience.