Low Level Laser Therapy for Pain

If you are retired or close to retirement, you should be able to live these “golden” years without chronic pain from tendonitis, arthritis or any other form of injury.  

Over the past 50 years, more than two thousand scientific studies have been performed using laser light therapy for chronic pain associated with tendonitis and arthritis symptoms.   For improved pain relief, laser light therapy is applied to the affected area such as bruises, strains, etc.  The dramatic healing results can also be witnessed in people with carpal tunnel, back and knee pain, plantar fascitis, as well as other forms of tendonitis symptoms.

Laser Light Therapy for Pain

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This technology enhances healing of tissues, thus creating long term effects. It bathes tissue with photons. Photons are particles of energy that are absorbed by cells and ramp up a number of positive healing responses. In essence, light energy is converted into biochemical energy. The therapeutic light beam permits penetration of deep tissues without adversely affecting normal cells. The body's natural healing processes are enhanced and tissues heal. Laser therapy doesn`t just mask the pain, it accelerates the healing process and treats the injured tissue in a lasting fashion. Numerous scientific studies have pinpointed the mechanism by which it speeds healing, such as increasing the fuel within the cell (ATP) by 300%, improving blood supply, and enhancing cell replication….More at Freedom from Pain – At any age – Canada.com

Carpal Tunnel Treatment Options

GM performed a study of individuals suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome and people that used laser therapy returned to work much quicker than those that did not.  Other studues confirmed there was an 84% success rate for those individuals using laser light therapy to treat their chronic pain whether it be from plantar fascitis, knee pain, arthritis or other tendonitis symptoms.