Pain Management through Laser Therapy


You don't have to suffer with chronic and constant pain any longer.  The Advanced NeuroSpine Institue (ANSI) has introduced a new therapy in Miami called MLS laser therapy  This therapy is great in that it is not toxic and has no side effects.  Here are just a “few” common conditions that can be greatly improved with the use of MLS Laser Therapy:

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Common conditions that MLS laser therapy can help include: Neck, Back and Shoulder pain. Headache, Epicondylitis, Periarthritis, Tendonitis, Gonalgia, Myositis, Arthrosis, Degenerative Processes, Sprained joints, Bursitis, Trauma, Bruising, Effusions, Muscular strains and sprains, Injuries, burns, Venous Oedemas, Varicose Ulcers, Bedsores, Lumbago, Sciatica and Lumbosciatica….More at New laser therapy to treat pain in United States – Curacao Chronicle

Medical Director of the ANSI, Neurosurgeon Dr. Santiago Figuereo explains: “At The Advanced Neuro Spine Institute, we strive to provide the most advanced minimally invasive therapies to our patients. The new MLS Laser Therapy brings tremendous benefit to our patients in which conservative therapies are indicated. The MLS Therapy, with its characteristic synchronization, helps in reducing chronic and acute pain, controlling inflammation, regenerating tissue and improving range of motion, These effects Not only take place at the same time, but also reciprocally reinforce each other providing relief of symptoms, accelerating the healing time for a quicker recovery back to day-to-day activities.  We are eager to observe our patients improve with numerous benefits from one advanced treat…More at New laser therapy to treat pain in United States – Curacao Chronicle