Nadal and Djokovic won't meet head to head

Everyone was looking forward to the next meeting of Nadal and Djokovic at the Madrid championships.  There were a lot of tickets bought and there is going to be a lot of bummed out people.

Nadal is not going to be able to make it because of tendonitis in his knees.  

Nadal and Djokovic won't meet head to head

nadal and djokovic won't meet head to head

Image by The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas via Flickr

PARIS — Rafael Nadal, knocked out of Wimbledon in the second round last week, is to take two weeks off because of tendonitis in his knee.

The Spaniard will miss a charity match against world number one Novak Djokovic in Madrid's Bernabeu stadium on July 14 but hopes, however, to have fully recovered in time for the July 27-August 12 Olympics in London.

“The doctors have been checking my knee and I suffer a tendonitis which will have me away from any practice or matches for 15 days, which makes it impossible to play with Novak Djokovic as we'd expected and announced….More at Nadal takes two-week timeout with tendonitis – AFP

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Nadal has started his treatment and is trying to be ready for the upcoming Olympics so that he can represent Spain.  But he was looking forward to playing with Djokovic in Madrid and is sorry to the fans that bought tickets. It was not on purpose that I got this tendonitis in my knee's.  

So Nadal and Djokovic won't meet head to head, at least not this time in Madrid.