Tendonitis Cure – Alternative Health Cure

When your tendonitis is just starting, you have a great chance for a tendonitis cure. Home remedies or a natural remedy of tendonitis will work if you have caught your tendonitis early. When the pain is too much to bear, a natural remedy of tendonitis will probably not work as well.

If you prefer a natural tendonitis cure, home remedies and treating tendonitis with alternative methods are many and they do work. When I talk about treating tendonitis with a natural remedy of tendonitis, these are the ones that are easily available to you in your home, using simple, natural items.

Tendonitis cure – Home Therapies

  • Ice Therapy
  • Massage

For a tendonitis cure you can do from your home, some of these are very effective.  One of the best ways to cure tendonitis is with ice packs.  The ice packs help eliminate the symptoms of tendonitis by reducing the inflammation and swelling.

This is one of the main ways in treating tendonitis and is a great tendonitis cure.  For example, if you had tendonitis in your ankle, you want to apply the ice for 15-30 minutes and repeat this procedure every few hours.

So as you can see, Ice Therapy is a natural remedy of tendonitis because it reduces the inflammation which is one of the main causes of pain.

If you can touch your tendonitis and it is not to sore to the touch, another great way of treating tendonitis and another natural remedy of tendonitis is a nice massage.  This is another tendonitis cure.  Depending on where the soreness is located, you may be able to do a gentle massage yourself.

Now, if it is located in an area that you would not be able to do yourself, maybe a family member could lend a hand and help you massage the area.  There are also miniature battery operated massagers that are very inexpensive.


This is another way of treating tendonitis.  The use of supplements is another tendonitis cure.  One of the main supplements that really help tendonitis is Vitamin C.  Vitamin C helps to reduce the inflammation, which is a direct result of tendonitis.  If you are not into taking supplement in the pill or tablet forms, eat different foods high in Vitamin C.  Plant foods high in Vitamin C are a good source.  Other sources of Vitamin C:

  • Strawberries
  • Citrus fruit
  • Bell peppers

Have a fruit salad in your refrigerator for snacking during the day. This is a great tendonitis cure by increasing your Vitamin C intake naturally.


This may not be considered an alternative treatment or a natural remedy of tendonitis, but it sure works.  This one treatment is a must.  This is probably one of the best ways in treating tendonitis.  When you have determined that you have tendonitis,  give yourself plenty of time to rest and stay off or not use the affected area.

Resting should be included in all of your tendonitis cures.  If you don’t rest, icing, massage and supplements, will have little effect for a tendonitis cure.  Resting is one of the most natural remedies for a tendonitis cure. Taking care of your body is extremely important and rest is a part of that.

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